After 6 months of traveling, we can say that WE HAVE NO IDEA what our routes are going to be! Strikethrough all the below!


Instead, check out where we are , to see where we have been in the past few months.

New Adventure Routes:

The (current) plan is to bicycle down from Huaraz, Peru to as far down as South of Chile- Patagonia. We will see how long we will last on the bicycle and on the road.

Unfortunately for Sylvia, our journey is highly dictated by her ability to obtain visas- Having an Indonesian passport (Fun fact: Biggest and most populated Moslem country in the world!) really makes it difficult to obtain Visa. While Brady can saunter to majority of South American countries without visa, Sylvia can only enter Peru and Chile. Bolivia visa application is currently in process and will take 3 months! Hopefully it will be done in time. Sadly, Sylvia cannot enter Argentina! The visa process is absolutely painstaking for Indonesians and will take MONTHS.

But– there are a lot to discover in the three countries that we are planning on bicycling- Peru, Bolivia (hopefully) and Chile.

Our route through Peru (at least from Huaraz to Abancay/ Cusco) – will be following the Andesbybikes route (they have AMAZING and very informative website) looks like this:

Our South America route looks like with a lot of Southern Chile trip pending on a lot of different things.


After which? We do not know yet! South East Asia bicycle touring is highly probable since it’s very accessible to Sylvia (no visa!), followed by an Indonesian voyage (scooter? bicycle? sailboat?) to check out the nooks and crannies of the country.

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  1. Bon voyage! So far the blog is great, not sure the bike boxes will close! Enjoy the kiwis. Love you both!


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