Wonderful Korea Bike Paths

Incheon to Busan – 630km+ of assigned bike paths from the Northern part of South Korea to the Southern tip of the peninsula. This is NOT a bike lane on the side of the road, majority of the paths were ASSIGNED bike paths with its own tunnels, bridges made for bicyclists, all along the 4 rivers of Korea. It was FANTASTIC. We rode in peace the majority of the time without having to worry about cars or wearing helmets.

image9Here’s the map of the new bike paths of Korea~~ We did the red line running through the middle- North to South.

thumb_IMG_6145_1024We’re getting good at this whole traveling-with-bicycles thing– we haven’t been putting our bikes in bike boxes in the past two trips. We just wrap them up in clear plastic, turn the handlebars sideways, take off the saddle and pedals and off we go! We had to take the subway to get out of the airport complex to the start of the Incheon bike paths.

PS: Short route notes at the end of the post if you ever contemplate doing this fantastic ride. DO IT!

thumb_IMG_6143_1024Brady in the train- we arrived early Saturday morning. We rode at the beginning of the trail into Seoul to our hotel at Gangnam area (from the Gangnam style song– got it?)

thumb_IMG_6155_1024Because it was the weekend, there were so many Koreans using the bike paths– check out this bike scene. They all have the portable speakers blaring Korean songs loudly.

thumb_IMG_6148_1024Beautiful, smooth bike paths.

thumb_IMG_6161_1024We pedaled the 55km into Seoul quickly and had a bit of time to venture the city. We went to this Korean Rice Wine (Makgeoli) bar– they have amazing selections. Brady’s obsessed.

thumb_IMG_6212_1024Brady’s 1st purchase in Korea: portable speaker that he proudly blared pop American music from. Brady’s 2nd purchase in Korea- this derpy non-functional bicyclist hats, purchased from a pop up Korean bike store on the side of the street. He can’t be happier. Here he’s sporting his new favorite drink– Makgeoli from a bottle.

thumb_IMG_6209_1024Derp. I look thuggish-wannabe. Majority of our meals have been done sitting on the floor like this. Brady has major difficulties.

thumb_IMG_6165_1024Riding out of Seoul the next day.

thumb_IMG_6176_1024Glorious bike paths. I’m going to stop saying that. But they really are!

Here’s pictures galore so you don’t have to continue hearing me singing praises on the amazing bike paths and glorious Korean food (when we order them right):





thumb_IMG_6167_1024Surprisingly so many blooming colorful flowers!



thumb_IMG_6195_1024That afternoon light…..




thumb_IMG_6279_1024The food! So good!





thumb_IMG_6245_1024We passed a few wake boarding places along the way– obviously we had to do it. The water was buttery smooth.




thumb_IMG_6308_1024Brady had his very first flat since we started the trip– One of the seams where the tyre nipple was attached busted.



thumb_IMG_6321_1024Instant noodles and…. Makgeoli!




thumb_DSC05315_1024 Raw meat bibimbap for breakfast. Purely accidental but delicious. The identity of the raw meat is still currently a mystery.

thumb_DSC05338_1024Lots of rice fields and lotus plantation.



thumb_DSC05331_1024I ROVE KOREA

thumb_IMG_6353_1024Grilled duck for lunch– It was the best meal we’ve had so far.


thumb_DSC05349_1024This happened only a few times, I promise.



thumb_IMG_6348_1024Brady’s cats at the campsite, Charlie and Jack (not real names)




thumb_DSC05381_1024IMG_6424IMG_6425We’ve stayed at two Love Motels- more amenities than anything that you could imagine- This one had two desktops and huge TV!

thumb_IMG_6417_1024thumb_IMG_6407_1024thumb_IMG_6402_1024thumb_IMG_6405_1024thumb_IMG_6383_1024It was threatening to rain a couple of times- but only drizzles so far

thumb_IMG_6377_1024Our breakfast routine of Paris Baguette



thumb_IMG_6219_1024It’s also been great for ogling construction processes. These people got their bridges down!


We are in Busan now– will be here for the weekend, hoping to party like a local before heading back North via the West Coast route. Not a lot of bike paths there, so helmets will be in place.

Route notes:

  • Great resource: https://travellinghajo.wordpress.com/2013/08/23/across-korea-on-a-bicycle-a-howto-for-the-foreigner-riding-seoul-busan-and-coming-back-in-one-piece/#words — we downloaded his GPX file and used it for the majority of the paths that are not obviously marked. We noted a few discrepancies. If there are signs, follow the signs. When in doubt, use the gpx, it will lead you back to the path, eventually
  • All the campsites in Korea: http://www.campingjido.com — in Korean, I figured out how to navigate by luck
  • From the Incheon airport, take the airport subway to Cheongna International City Station- this will take you to the start of the Ara Bike Trail right adjacent to the station
  • We didn’t do the stamp passport thing- would do it if given the second chance
  • Learn how to read hangul. We would have been so screwed if I didn’t know any korean food or how to read hangul. It helps so much. That, or get google translate.


3 responses to “Wonderful Korea Bike Paths

  1. I was stationed in Korea in the 80’s, and have always wanted to return. Since leaving the Army, I have discovered the wonderful Community that is Bicycle Tourists, and have over 10,000 miles in the saddle. Your wonderful photos and descriptive writing style have made Korea my #1 Bucket List entry. Thank You, and Safe Travels
    It’s Good To Ride!

    Liked by 1 person

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