Java Jaunt and Temple Hop- Sarangan to Jogjakarta

Note: not a lot of riding pictures, but we DID ride 140 miles or so in the 2 days of bike riding


3Morning in Madiun- it was smoggy/ foggy/ hazy that you could stare straight at the sun

4We went up to the top of the hill that we climbed on the 2nd day of the Audax and went down. The downhill was glorious, we passed terraced, green, super fertile rice fields and all sorts of plantation.


5We decided to visit two temples on the way- Candi Sukuh and Candi Cetho. They were a wee bit out of the way, but I was convinced that they were worth it. I didn’t quite mention to Brady that the road will be steep. It was GNARLY. We had to walk the last 2 km to the temple, it was probably 30% grade. WTH~~


6Another one of the crazy steep way up to Sukuh. Brady was doing switchback on the straight road to make it feel less steep.


7We finally made it to the top! (Lots of pushing the bikes involved)—the place was being renovated. It’s a Hindu temple atop the base of Mt Lawu, Here’s a picture of Hindu’s Lingam and Yoni (penis!) to symbolize fertility

8Renovation 😦




9We were a bit defeated with the crazy steep hills, so we decided to head back down and skip Cetho temple. We stopped by a roadside noodle stand. The man there convinced us that we absolutely had to go to Cetho temple. We left our bikes there and took the Ojek (taxi, but with a motorcycle, so you can only have one passenger on the motorcycle- so we got 2 ojeks). This is Brady and his ojek driver

10Ojek welfie

11Zooming up and down the steep steep hill, passing tea plantations. No helmet (sorry, mom).

12 Brady loves the ojek. so so much.

13 20 19 18 17 16 15 Candi Cetho—it was pretty high, so we had the view of the tea plantation surrounding the place. I especially love the gates going up/down the temple.

21Beautiful mountain scenery on the way down


22After the temple jaunts, we continued to descend to join the main freeway into the town of Solo! Our first riding experience in Java! It was actually surprisingly pleasant. People here are so used to the lack of traffic laws, so people are more vigilant to give way to the rickshaws, animals and crazy amount of motorcyclists on the road. It was, however, very dusty and pollutiony.


23 27 26 25 24The next day, we continued our ride (75km or so) into Jogjakarta, stopping by a Hindu temple, Prambanan, built in the 9th century.

28We love the fresh young coconut juice—they’re only 50 cents- $1 each!

29The ride into Jogjakarta was pretty pollutiony, so I quickly pulled over when I saw a stand selling masks for motorcyclist—I got a couple masks!

30River as we were entering Jogjakarta- pretty clean according to Indonesia’s standard.

31Since our legs were still tired from the crazy Audax, we decided to take another day off from the bicycle and rented a motorcycle instead to visit the most famous temple in Indonesia, the Borobudur, located 40km away. Here’s me, supervising the streetside vendor selling fuel in liter bottles.

Brady did well on the scooter ride up to Borobudur, he’s definitely channeling his inner Indonesian. Borobudur is amazing as always. The scale always surprises me.

32 39 38 37 36 35 34 33Channelling my Indonesian batik-ness (fabric on fabric)

40My garb for the scooter ride—It was hot and dirty, so I bought a new shirt and pants for $1 each. I’m an Indonesian NINJA. Our butts were sore.

40 45 44 43 More fun on the scooter. We didn’t take many pictures from the Jogja city itself, but the city is always enchanting with the array of rickshaws, horse-drawn carriages and street food. We had so much street food—they’re too good.






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