Guerrero Negro to the end of our Mexican tour

One minor case of heat stroke was enough for us to start looking at flight tickets off the crazy hot Baja Peninsula. Getting the seasons right has been a big challenge for us, although we did have about the best weather a cyclist can ask for while heading down the California cost towards the Mexican Border (July 26th to August 7th)!

While headed for the town of Guerrero Negro we found ourselves in the driest, most remote, and hottest place we have ever cycled. About halfway through the ride Sylvia started developing the signs of heat illness. It was quite scary considering we were in the middle of nowhere. Lucky we were able to manage the symptoms until we found a nice little place (Also in the middle of nowhere) up the road about 20 kilometers to cool off and to our surprise get a how to lesson on smuggling drugs into the US from the shops owner. All in all, good place and we were able to catch a ride the next town, avoiding potential disaster.


So very hot.


One of those times you wonder why you are doing this.

A little research at the hotel and Sylvia managed to find an excellent deal on plane tickets to Indonesia! So it was set, we would ride a few more days down Baja to Loreto and we were off to Asia. We devised a plan to ride in the mornings only, starting at around 5AM and ending at 11AM.


A little morning ride before the heat.


A well deserved paleta (Popsicle) at the end of the ride.



Great Hotel in Vizcaino.


Final town before Loreto was Santa Rosalia. This is picture of Sylvia sweating while sitting in the shade in Santa Rosalia – literally doing nothing. Hopefully, this gives a little picture on how hot it can get.


Made it to Loreto, the last stop on our Mexican cycle tour. Next stop Indonesia.


No bike boxes in Loreto. Plastic bags seemed like a good alternative. We were a little hesitant that the airline (Alaska Airlines) would not accept, but there was little hassle at the airport counter.

21 hours until Indo.

^^^ As you may have noticed, Brady did the postings. There are other pictures that are supposed to make it, but didn’t, here goes:

341013 1417 20 19 1823 25 24

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