California Love~

California has been simply AMAZING. First- we got to see a lot of our friends. It was so nice to be able to speak english to other people than Brady and have a conversation, sharing how I was feeling, etc etc! Brady and I was actually separated for more than 6 hours! Gasp! That’s the first time in 3 months!

We attended the wedding of Mike Wathen and Kelley Chafin in Morgan hill. It was beautiful, fun-filled, love-filled celebrations where we got to see so many of our friends. It was a great time!

1Our bikes, assembled in SFO, after which we took the BART to Oakland where I was reunited with my Jeep that has been taken care of by Elena! We then went to our storage space where we were absolutely aghast by the amount of stuff that we had and we were completely blown away by the choices of apparel presented by mounds and mounds of packed clothing! We should have labeled things better :/

2Brady got a haircut and beard cut (in time for the wedding!) at this very hipster barber place located in Temescal Alley. I LOVE and MISS Oakland!

3I rented this gorgeous dress from Rent the Runway- my first experience and would absolutely do it again- it was so nice not having to dig through the storage space to find an unwrinkled dress– good stuff!

4California feels HOT HOT, especially after being in wintry Chile. Morgan hill was especially warm. We went running the morning before the wedding and immediately became completely drenched with sweat– It was nice not needing jacket at all.

5Anddd— I think we cleaned up pretty well, especially after being constantly dirty (sometimes sans shower after 3,4 days. ew) for a few months. It was nice playing dress up~

6Love our friends~

7Gorgeous bride. The venue was beautiful, with warm blue skies and open patio. It was SO NICE to dine out in the warm weather.

9Our table. I LOVE being among friends again.

10Needless to say, all the excitement and festivities were tiring (we were not used to staying up late, and drinking!) — here’s how the boys looked at 1AM.

The whirlwind of our bay area return was fun- we spent 5 days doing errands, wearing ‘new’ clothes that we don’t normally wear, doing laundry, chatting with friends, eating the food that we missed (pho! sushi!), being a bit sentimental about returning. The 5 days were just enough for me– if we didn’t continue pedaling South, I’d want to be productive and working again and stay home surrounded by our amazing community, weather and all the things we love about the Bay Area.

So on Monday, off we went to bike down the Pacific Coast to Mexico. We had done a portion of it almost exactly 2 years prior, from Half Moon Bay to Pismo beach in a frenzy of a 4 day bike touring with Mike Wathen (the groom!).

11Surly, back in action~

12We were pleasantly surprised to be reminded of the great bicycle path network and the great hiker-biker sites that the California state provides. It makes bike touring so easy- not a lot of planning needed, really cheap hiker-biker sites for $5-$10 per person makes this so affordable! That way we get to spend our money on the delicious California cuisine and the beer (IPAs!) that we have missed so much~

13Back on the bike again, this time with tank tops and short shorts. How I have missed the warmth of Northern Coastal California– not too hot.

15Big sur– as gorgeous as always.

16Julia Pfeffier State Park. LOVE LOVE.

18Stark and gorgeous coastal views, all different shades of green and blue in the water. We even saw a bunch of dolphins surfing in the waves- I have never seen that before. What amazing creatures! AND! We saw so many whales. Who knew that bike touring is a great whale watching activity.

17Sometimes it gets foggy~

19Not sure what’s happening here, but Brady was ecstatic to wear his ‘new’ tank top. A new addition to his apparel repertoire, for sure.

20Brady, looking hella creepy. We have a picture almost exactly the same, taken 2 years prior with Mike Wathen. Mike– if you ever read this, this one is for you!

21Endless amazement of the bountiful beauty of California.

22We were flying through the miles, because we were trying to see Brady’s brother, Chris (who lives in LA) on a Sunday. We went 97 miles one day (so close to being another century!), 75,70,65 miles are typical days. We got to see Chris on Sunday at Leo Carrillo state park in Malibu, where this picture was taken. The boys (Chris and Brady) were happily surfing.

23The further South we went, the SO VERY HOT it got– here’s my back, glisteny with sweat. I don’t even ever sweat! It’s SHO HOT! and I’m developing quite gnarly tan lines.

24Epic glove tan. I’ve been riding without gloves for the past few days to improve the situation.

We stayed at a Warmshower for the first time in our lives in Huntington beach. It’s such a great service. Our host was really warm and quite amazing for opening her doors to so many cyclists. We had so much fun with here and got all sorts of positive vibes. We will absolutely be hosting when we (ever) have a place to stay. If you are cycle touring and don’t have the hiker biker sites to rely on, checkout warm showers– it’s a network of avid cyclists or cyclist lovers who are so happy to share their homes and stories. We will absolutely not hesitate to do it again and to contribute to the community.

We made it to San Diego 9 days later. We had the rest day off today in Encinitas- the first one since we left. We enjoyed the glorious beach and had lots of great fish tacos.

Tomorrow, we head to the border. We decided to cross through Tecate (30 miles further East from the Coast), to avoid the Tijuana craziness.

Wish us luck!!


Ps: The locations where we stayed throughout the California coast will be uploaded in our Route section in our Google map. If you are even remotely interested in cycle touring, this is my HUGE encouragement that you should ABSOLUTELY do it! The bike and camping network is is amazing and we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. If you are only interested in one-way touring, North to South is the way to go. And to garner confidence, follow this book to the tee to map the route. DO IT. There is no reason not to. We met kids 4 years of age to people 70 years old doing this route. You can do super slow (30-40 miles a day) to really aggressive (>100 miles/ day). We met amazing people through the hiker-biker sites (more communal) where people share stories of their amazing travel. I love the community~

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  1. ¡Qué padre, y qué rápido se chingaron la costa de California! (Estámos preparándolos para el español callejero de Mexico 😉 ¡Buena suerte con todo, nuestros amigos! Abrazotes y amor, de Elena y Beto.

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