Cusco Adventures#2- Endless Festivals and Poepping Padres Visit

Cusco has been amazing. We spent a total of 19 days on and off Cusco, from our day trips, Salkantay/ Machu Picchu and the Jungle adventures. When we are in town, Hostel Estrellita has been a great place to stay. Francisco, the owner is always warm, even though we have left our bicycles and a huge bolsa full of our stuff sitting in the storage of the hostel for 2.5 weeks. They’re always warm and welcoming with absolutely no fuss.


Cusco was in full blast party/ fiesta/ feria mode throughout our stay. From the real Corpus Christi on June 4th, to the follow up festival a week after (June 11th) when the Saints are being paraded back to their own respective churches, to the relentless preparation for Inti Raymi, scheduled for June 24th– which is the biggest festival in Cusco. It was a full blast party mode the entire time we spent time in the City. According to the locals, this is normal for June.

thumb_DSC01059_1024One of the saints, dressed rasta-ish, being paraded back to the church where it is u usually displayed.

thumb_DSC01072_1024One of the days, where there was festival of little kids (5-10 years) parading in all sorts of costumes. This one is a little weird- with a straw hat and creepy mask. But the little kids were so cute!

thumb_DSC01085_1024 copyAnd these kids in cowboy costumes. The pictures are so awesome because of the Poepping padres’ awesome zoom camera.

thumb_DSC01086_1024So. CUTE




thumb_DSC01154_1024And this boy!


thumb_DSC01108_1024There were lots of creepy ones too, including these masked guys carrying what I had originally assumed as fake llamas. I am not so sure anymore.

thumb_DSC01144_1024And these guys, stumbling around to the music, carrying around bottles of beers. They were doing this for at least 10 hours till really late at night. The music was really loud and fun.


thumb_IMG_4477_1024I also got a selfie stick- yay! First successful picture.

We are also very grateful for the Poepping padres visit. They did Lares trek as we were doing Salkantay Trek. We got to hang out for 3 days in Cusco and Sagrada Valle afterwards. It was really cool seeing them the very first time at the Plaza at Aguas Calientes.

thumb_DSC01052_1024We spent the first day walking around Cusco- This was at San Blas at the mirador that overlooked the entire city.

thumb_DSC01131_1024No visit to Cusco is complete until the visit to San Pedro market. Brady and I are obsessed wit this market, often frequenting it twice a day.


Because they were cool and fun, they agreed to doing a mountain bike tour to Moray, Maras and Salinas—It was a pretty long day – around 4-5 hours on bikes.

thumb_IMG_4528_1024Moray- some sort of agricultural lab for the Inkas– they acclimatized a lot of different floras by using terracing. Supposedly there is a 15C temperature difference between the top and the bottom of the terrace.


thumb_IMG_4535_1024Poepping padres in action.

thumb_IMG_4542_1024Did you notice? Brady got a new shirt, courtesy of Poepping padre.

thumb_IMG_4573_1024Salineras, where they have been producing salts since the Inkan time– this is 3500m above sea level. They have a very salty spring that they diverted into these pools that eventually dry up for the salt to be harvested.

Brady and I got to live the high life—meaning pretty luxurious life where we have our own bathroom, scorching hot limitless hot water, toilet seats and heaters in the room! Gasps! What a high life—it’s nice to realize that those little things that we usually take for granted in the US have now become very welcomed commodities! Thank you so much, Poepping padres!

We have had almost all of the street food available, from the Chiriuchu, cremolada, chicharon (Brady’s favorite), quail eggs, huge popped corns, monk bread and everything in between. We even had our ‘favorite restaurants’, frequenting a few of them 3-4 times during our stay in Cusco. Shout out to La Bodega 138, Cholo’s Bar, Green Point and Encuentro vegetarian food. It is really nice knowing a part of the city inside out and being able to walk around everywhere without a map.


2 responses to “Cusco Adventures#2- Endless Festivals and Poepping Padres Visit

  1. It was so fun to run into you in the square in Aquas Caliente….looking fit and healthy and hungry. Thanks for letting us be a small part of your adventure.


  2. Matt and I had such a blast reading your blog tonight! Miss you crazy kids! Sounds like you are having an amazing time!


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