Sacred Valley- Pisaq

Went on  a day trip outside of Cusco to the town of Pisaq. Unlike most tourists who took the tourist bus tours, we took the really cheap and easy collectivos (minibus) instead. SUPER EASY.

We left early in the morning, getting to Pisaq at 9AM or so and starting the 1.5 hour walk up to the ruins. We were there before any of the tourist buses arrive and we had the whole place to ourselves.

I’m not a big history buff and don’t know very much about the ruins. So this post will just be pictures! Cool?

thumb_IMG_4154_1024Lots of terrace for plantation. They are currently not in use.

thumb_IMG_4147_1024Neutralizing our horrible lucks with dogs, during our hike, this dog (we named him Jack), followed us for a few hours.

thumb_IMG_4156_1024Brady and Jack.

thumb_IMG_4160_1024Jack, walking on the terrace, overlooking Pisaq to the left  of the picture.

thumb_IMG_2354_1024Jack and I, hanging out at the ruins.





thumb_IMG_4151_1024Lots and lots of steep stairs- a good warm up for the Salkantay trek the next day.

thumb_IMG_2347_1024My new vain obsession, doing mediocre yoga poses. This one is bird of paradise. I need to learn new poses!

thumb_IMG_4171_1024Another part of the ruins. I particularly liked the water canal/ feature.

thumb_IMG_2373_1024At a ledge at a lookout point- that’s Pisaq where we started down there. My knees were shaking.

After Pisaq, we took the collectivo to Urubamba for an hour, followed by a short taxi ride. All this journey is to none other than enjoy the best beer (or the only beer that tastes like beer) in Peru, made by a brand new brewery / cerveceria called the Sacred Valley Brewing company, opened in October of 2014. We got to chat with the owners and the head brewer from Oregon. The place was amazing, nestled in Eucalyptus trees, right along the river. Brady and I daydreamed about opening our own brewery somewhere exotic like this. Their IPA was the bomb.

thumb_IMG_4179_1024Brady SO HAPPY.

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