Cusco Adventures #1- Corpus Christi & Sacsayhuaman

We are so lucky to have been able to witness one of the biggest festivals in Cusco– Corpus Christi. This festival used to be celebrated in all of Peru, but this party is now the most prominent in Cusco. They paraded 15 saints and virgins from all over Cusco to the main plaza and church to greet the body of Christ, 60 days after the Easter Sunday.

thumb_IMG_4037_1024The day before the main parade- this is when the party really starts. This is an altar of some sort depicting the saints/ virgins to be paraded the next day.

The whole city was in an uproar, with lots of people drinking, partying on the street, eating the food necessary to celebrate Corpus Christi. I think it’s like Turkey for Thanksgiving, the cusquenas have chirriuchu for Corpus Christi.

thumb_IMG_4040_1024Chirriuchu, consisting of cuy (guinea pig), chicken, algae, cheese, corn fritter, fried corn. Unfortunately we had to consume this with luke warm Pilsen (coors light of Peru). A little bit of boo.

thumb_IMG_4039_1024The street selling chirriuchu– there were hundreds of stalls. We could feel the excitement. Everybody was selling something!

thumb_IMG_4031_1024This guy was standing in the street, guarding the owner’s vegetables in case they sell out of vegetables. Just pluck it off the donkey. The rainbow flag is the official flag of Cusco that depicts Inca’s territory.

thumb_IMG_4042_1024These people were practicing for the parade the next day. I love the (hopefully) fake llama. There were also wasted. So much pee on the street corner. It was awesome.

thumb_IMG_4030_1024AH-MA-ZING sombreros. I almost stole one.

thumb_IMG_4049_1024The day of the festivity was insane. The plaza was replete with people and vendors. Brady ate a little bit too much chicharron (fried pork skin deliciousness).

thumb_IMG_4118_1024One of the saints being paraded. 20-30 guys had to carry this thing around town towards the main church across the plaza, where the saints and virgins will reside for a week before being taken back out. There were dancing, band, music, all out fiesta.



thumb_IMG_4119_1024And an all out food galore. No joke, Brady and I had at least 15 different types of street food.

Because we knew that everybody was busy celebrating, we decided to walk up the stairs of San Blas towards Sacsayhuaman, an attraction that is 40 minute walking above the city. Usually this site will be replete with vendors, llama/goat ladies and tourists.

thumb_IMG_4071_1024And there were almost nobody there! It was awesome!

thumb_IMG_4064_1024This place used to be much bigger. Right now, there are only about 20% of the rocks remaining, just the rocks that are too big to be pillaged by the Spanish when they came in the 1500s, taking the smaller rocks to build their houses.

These rocks were massive and very intricately built/ shaped.

thumb_IMG_4080_1024Can’t put a paper in between. Uber impressive.

thumb_IMG_4077_1024They make Brady look small.


We also had the nice view from the top

thumb_IMG_4094_1024Check out the plaza towards the middle right of the picture, full with people at the Corpus Christi parade.

thumb_IMG_4110_1024Mediocre yoga pose above Cusco



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