Surfing Huanchaco and Chicama!

We were contemplating of changing the blog name to to Long Haul Riders– currently more fitting because we can be either wave riders or bike riders. hehe.

Left our bikes at the hostel, along with 5 of 8 panniers that we have. Took the night bus to Trujillo. Peru has an amazing array and choices of busses and seats. They have the ones that recline all the way to 180 degrees (you’re practically laying all the way down), with seats bigger than most flights’ first class seats. All for 20 soles ($7USD) more expensive than the standard 120-140 degrees seats (ew!). So worth it when taking the night bus.


Huanchaco is a mere 30 minutes North of Trujillo. It’s a town chockfull of hostels, hotels and restaurants. This town gets hella crowded in the summer with people from Lima seeking the sun and the beach. Fortunately we are in the late part of Autumn/ fall- so it’s their Low Season with not very many tourists except for the surfers who came to this part seeking the waves.

thumb_IMG_3536_1024The local fishermen used these things called Caballitos (little horses) made out of reed. The more ‘modern’ ones were filled with foam and empty water bottles to keep it floating better. They call themselves as one of the first surfers in the world (apparently they have been using the caballitos since the BC)

The waves were amazing! They were very long and happened to be very big when we were there (there was a huge swell coming)- up to 12-15’. I absolutely was not able to surf in the parts with huge waves, but I can surf the second and third break. The waves were LOOONNNGG- breaking over 500’ or so— amazing if you are very good. Which we are/were  not. But we still had fun anyways.

thumb_IMG_3565_1024This is pretty much our daily activities a few times a day– observing the waves before deciding to go in.

thumb_IMG_3564_1024View from our hostel– not bad considering USD$13 per night.

We went to Chicama (longest waves!). The current was so strong and we had constantly swim very hard to stay at the same spot- Staying at the same spot is important because the waves break almost always at the same spot. Sooo— we paid extra to get a boat ride! Every time we catch a wave/ swept away by current, a boat would pick us up and drop us off at the desired spot where the waves break.

thumb_IMG_3561_1024 Chicama– check out the beautiful long waves!

Made me realize that I have so much room for improvement on the surfing front!! Super exciting!


Surfed everyday- sometimes twice a day there- I was gaining my arms/back muscles back! During the day, we at at Chocolate cafe (amazing place at great price, serving gringo breakfast), read on the beach, run the beach every morning. It was a nice change of pace from the bike touring. It was nice to not have to pack/ unpack the camping stuff everyday.

thumb_IMG_3576_1024Attack of the sea lice of Chicama left Brady feverish and itchy.

thumb_IMG_3588_1024Daily morning jog.

thumb_IMG_3570_1024The caballitos coming back after a day full of fishing.

thumb_IMG_3541_1024Brady – either studying Spanish or checking facebook.


thumb_IMG_3633_1024I got really dark with muscular shoulder from paddling (since I am shitty at surfing, I got much better at swimming!). Here we are splurging at Big Ben, a fancy ceviche place in Huanchaco.

Alas, as most good things, it had to come to an end. We decided to get back on the saddle before losing our acclimatization that we had gained prior to going to Lima. It’s been almost a week and a half since we were last up in the high elevation.

Good bye Huanchaco— it’s been an amazing week with good food & restaurants (Otra Cosa! Chocolate cafe!) and good surf sesh! I need to get better at surfing stats!

Back to Lima to reclaim or bikes that we left at the Hostel and off to Nazca we go!



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