Finally on the saddle again! Nazca to Cusco!

Took the night bus to Lima from Trujillo with Oltursa, Brady got the 180 degree bus cama and I got the mere 160 degrees- arrived in Lima at 5AM. Consistent with our terrible luck with busses, our bus was stopped for an hour in Lima because of marathon road closure. We were sort-of lucky because on Sundays, they close lots of road in Lima for ciclovia- for walkers, roller bladers, skateboarders and bikers! We got to bike pretty safely from the Hostel where we stored our bikes to the bus station to take us to Nazca. Took the 2PM bus to Nazca (on the same day that we arrived with the night bus)- and arrived at 9PM in Nazca. Bought provisions for the next day ride.

thumb_IMG_3636_1024Check out this ciclovia- road closed for bikers and walkers to enjoy on a Sunday.

The ride from Nazca- Cusco is approximately 650KM with close to 40,000m elevation gain— it should take us 10-12 days.

The first few days was gnarly- we went from 700m to 4150m in 98km on a 2 day constantly climbing stint. Because of the ups and downs, we went approximately 3600m gain (11,000’) in the 2 days till we reached Galeras (km89).

thumb_IMG_3643_1024Back on beatiful baby butt smooth pista!

thumb_IMG_3645_1024Up and up and up we went! Good thing it was paved. We went from the desert town of Nazca, to green pampas. Here is pretty low down.

thumb_IMG_3651_1024It was dry and no water source- notice the dry rivers. This continued to 100KM or so- We had to pack and buy all of our water.

The first night we slept behind a restaurant at Huallhua (km44, 2550m) where the owner gracefully let us stay there after purchasing two dinners within a few hours.

thumb_IMG_2153_1024Campsite behind the lady’s house. We are easing into this wild camping thing. (not quite so much this time).

thumb_IMG_3668_1024Brady and chicken- The rock structure in front of Brady is a chicken coop. Imagine the noise at 5AM!



thumb_IMG_2163_1024Glorious sunset on our first night– ’tis a good start!

thumb_IMG_3689_1024Where we stayed the first night.

thumb_IMG_3681_1024Rare photo of the both of us. It was a little bit mosquito-y – so we covered as much as possible.

thumb_IMG_3661_1024Brady is completely obsessed with this Andean fruit that grew off cactus, called Sanky. Tastes kinda like kiwi but REALLY sour!

thumb_IMG_3652_1024Second day- the scenery changed into green ish Pampa. Here is my beautiful Surly.


thumb_IMG_3658_1024I got REALLY REALLY DARK (or dirty, I cannot tell)–

thumb_IMG_3696_1024Brady having chicken soup (Caldo de Gallina). Again. Check out the awesome calendar to the right! And our daily dose of  coke kept us going!



We got to Puquio (km 154) at the end of day 2 and we are completely exhausted. So we decided to take the whole day off today (day 3) while eating lots and lots of veggies and fruits. We had absolutely nothing fresh or vegetable at all in the past two days.

Rest days= papaya days for me!

Tomorrow, we start riding back up again from our altitude at Puquio at 3200m to the top at 4300m, followed by flat pampas. More to come!


3 responses to “Finally on the saddle again! Nazca to Cusco!

  1. Amazing….amazing journey! Thanks for sharing so we get to see this part of the world through your eyes. Wonderful pictures too accompany your story. Keep it coming!


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