Huayhuash + Puya Raimondi loop

we made it out alive! The roads were surprisingly bumpy (shitty dirt road) and the elevation gnarly. We did lots of ups and downs everyday. Our bike and stuff weigh approximately 70lbs each so it took a while to get used to the weight, the steep grade and especially the tough rough surface.
The huayhuash loop was wonderful- we went up to 4900m elevations a few times.
The Internet is not working real well right now and we have to wake up at 5am tomorrow- so I’ll be quick:

Day 1- we gained 2000′ elevation and camped at 4200m. We managed to get to a national park office right before it rains/hails. Surprisingly there was nobody at the office site, although according to the local lady they were supposed to be there full time. So– we hesitantly camped in front of the bathroom of the “Change of environment office”.

 Ha. There was a guard dog chasing cows away all night for our benefits. We named her Shirley.

Here is a sample of our first dirt road experience:

Exhausted “stealth” camping at the national park office

The second day was brutal, hitting two passes at 4820 and 4880m.

But it was beautiful and quiet. We saw only 3 vehicles the entire day!

We stayed at Huallanca, a quiet little town and gorged on the famed Caldo de gallina (chicken soup- they loveeee this thing).

 Third day- wide open space and more uphill-Downhill, followed by hail, snow and rain as we approached Cuncush- a  4610m pass. We went downhill to the campsite as it rained- it flooded the entire road, creating two baby rivers on the road we were going down on. Sketchy.
We put up the tents in frenzy at the campsite.

Only to wake up with our tent covered in ice.
Good thing that the sun eventually came up– a few hours later than we would like.
The view of the campsite in the morning. This is the starting campsite for people doing the 8 day Huayhuash trek.

We also stayed at the lost beautiful and well kept hotel at Chiquain- hotel Los Nogales

 Brady made friend with the resident German Shepherd- the biggest one I’ve ever seen, named Fromage.

 Fifth day was all asphalt. I love. We did 70 miles also in hail and rain as we complete the loop to Huaraz.

Back in beautiful Huaraz.
Heading to La Union in the morning to start biking down to Lima. our route:

To mix it up- we plan on heading up to the surfing beach of North Peru!

Wish us luck on our 2nd leg of bike ride!
Ps: no dog bite sustained this time although we were chased by at least 50 dogs. My panniers fell victims of two fierce dogs. Fortunately, no punctures!
More pics laters!

One response to “Huayhuash + Puya Raimondi loop

  1. There seems to be a strong dog theme…..Shirley, Fromage, pannier attacks. Amazing and beautiful!


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