Day 2&3- Pastoruri Glacier and Laguna 69- Huaraz

We have been really lucky with the weather. Contrary to the forecast, it has been really clear and sunny in the town of Huaraz. The city itself is gorgeous, flanked between Cordillera Blanca (because of the white capped mountains) and Cordillera Negra- which is much lower in elevation and thus do not get any snow.

IMG_3059View from the top terrace/ roof of our Hostel. The city of Huaraz was practically destroyed in the 1970s earthquake and since then the city has been haphazardly rebuilding, so the city looks a little bit disorganized and messy.

On our second day in Huaraz, we went ‘hiking’ to Glacier Pastoruri. It’s actually only a 2.5 hours walk round trip, but in really high elevation. The top of glacier itself is elevation 5,300m, or 16,000′. However, in the past 10 years or so, it has been melting so they lost the top 25′.  Here’s an interesting article/ interview about the impacts of the melting glaciers to the local Andes population.

We really felt the altitude, taking small steps at a time and running out of breath every minute. We bought coca leaves and coca candy but I really don’t think that they do anything!

IMG_3063Gorgeous view from the bus ride- the bus ride was almost completely on dirt road. We are actually planning on riding a circuit on this dirt road next week.

SONY DSCMe posing in front of Puya Raimondii- this plant actually grows up to 100 years old and only flowers once.

SONY DSCWe didn’t know the walk will be so easy- so we brought our trekking poles! What dorks 🙂

IMG_3083The glacier itself– soo pretty!

SONY DSCBecause of the elevations, some people can opt to ride a horse halfway through for $2.5. Here’s a pic of the horsemen waiting for people to head down.

SONY DSCIt was hailing on the way back. We had warm potatoes with cheese on one of those huts with orange roofs. SO GOOD. Fun facts- Peru has 5,000 different types of potatoes!

The third day here, we went on a more difficult hike- a 13km, 700m elevation gain up to elevation 4,700m (15,400′- almost the top of Mt Whitney!) to Laguna 69-

I felt a bit herded, we were jammed in a bus with 30 other people on a 3 hour one-way bus ride. But the beauty of this place can’t be beat! Top 3 best hikes of my life!


IMG_1733 There were lots of these glacial streams from the snow capped mountains!

IMG_17693-hour hike up and we arrived at the Laguna. It was so breathtaking- the water was turquoise blue and you can see the baby waterfalls from the melted snow.

IMG_1796Check out the snow capped 6000m mountains behind me! I think it’s one of the most technical mountain to climb in Peru.






2 responses to “Day 2&3- Pastoruri Glacier and Laguna 69- Huaraz

  1. ¡La Laguna es muy preciosa! ¡Papas con queso yumyum, mis favoritas desde chico! Happy to see you on the trails and looking forward to your next post. ❤️


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