Arrived in Huaraz~ First day in Peru

We flew to Lima via Toronto (very counter intuitive, right?)– arrived in Lima at 1AM. We were considering a few ways to get to Huaraz– bus for 8 hours to Huaraz, for which we have to haul our bike boxes to the bus station 40 mins from the airport, or 1.5 hour flight from the same airport at 5:30AM in the morning. The flight was with a very small airline and the chance of getting our bike boxes and our 80kg of luggage accepted was 50-50. The luggage allowance was 15kg per person an we were WAYYY over. This airline flies to Huaraz only 3 times a week.

Alas, we managed to make it on the flight!

IMG_3034Brady waiting for Huaraz flight at the Lima airport- note the shady taping job on the bike boxes behind him- we had a little bit of packing tape, paint tape and duct tape going on.

IMG_3038Fluffy clouds from the airplane. Very pretty but it means that it’s cloudy/ raining down there.

We could see the peaks of the Cordillera Blanca mountain range from the plane- super pretty.

IMG_3051Arrived in Huaraz in a 30-people plane. I was surprised the bike boxes fit. Huaraz looks amazing from the top- very hilly with lots of rivers and streams criss-crossing everywhere. It was also very green and lush- full of life. Huaraz is also pretty high in altitude- 10,000′ or 3,060m. We absolutely felt it when we were walking up the hill to our hostel or climbing the stairs to the 4th floor.

IMG_3057A garden/plaza half a block from our Hostel.


We met several really cool people here. Randomly at a bar, we met with a bicyclists who is making his way North to Alaska. We talked about altitude sickness and everybody said that coca leaves will help.

IMG_1715The hunt for the coca leaves brought us here– check out the half-boiled chickens behind me and the smiling lady behind it.

IMG_1716Aannnnd– here they are- fresh coca leaves. Brady and I tried it and your mouth is supposed to feel numb– it didn’t do anything!

We assembled our bikes in the afternoon at the lobby of the hotel.

SONY DSCNote the flags behind my assembled bike~~

Today, we are planning on hiking up to a glacier at 5,300m elevation– those coca leaves better work at higher elevations.




One response to “Arrived in Huaraz~ First day in Peru

  1. ¡Míralos! ¡Van a escalar más alto que las montañas Shasta y Whitney, y aún más, altísimo con las plumas de coca! Espero que tengan una caminata tan bellisíma como las nubes 😀

    ❤ el


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