4 Wheels 2 Chainz! – We are off!

The past 3 weeks have gone by really fast. We actually had a LOT of organizing/ preparing/ packing to do- The apartment is now scrubbed clean, new blinds and closet doors installed, doors painted,– it looks amazing! Too bad we don’t get to enjoy it for long.

It’s 1AM now- our flight is at 7:30AM tomorrow- Gary has graciously offered to drop us off at the Airport with his truck tomorrow at 5:30AM! Thanks Gary. We feel sooo lucky to have such amazing friends- it will be difficult to know that our best friends’ lives will go on without us– there are a few weddings, engagements, babies, etc. I really wished that we could stay for all of those.

I will update the GEAR section and ABOUT US section in the next week, so stay tuned. For now– check out the new and improved ROUTE section. We will also actively be using the GO website under WHERE WE ARE NOW tab. It’s been a whirlwind of tasks and busy-ness (I’m really good at making tasks and checklists to motivate myself)- I haven’t had the chance to sit down, feel and reflect. I am looking forward for the travel and assessing the past few weeks- I know that I will be very nervous right before the flight tomorrow.

As for the title of the blogpost– this was particularly requested by Natalie and Ryan Brekke. Shoutout to Ryan Brekke from Oakland– woot woot- holler at my boy!

For now– a few fun pictures from the packing/ gear boxing and also our farewell picnic. We are SO LUCKY to have such amazing group of friends.


We had a picnic at Lake Merritt on Saturday before we left– it was a lot of fun and sun.


Storage space (5×10) was full to the brim! All of our worldly possession– Never knew we had so much stuff.


Jason gave us a survival kit– in an Altoids box- super thoughtful and useful! We will be carrying this with us EVERYWHERE!


Our baby Meyer Lemon Tree went to Steven~


Bike packing– we barely fit everything in the boxes–


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