BS Voyage 2013 comes to an end

2013 has been a good year, a GREAT year, a freaking wonderful year!!!


Every year I do a year book to remind both of us how luck we have been and how much more we get to look forward to. (I am uber restless)… so for 2013, here is our photobook:


I CANNOT, repeat, CANNOT wait for another 2 work days, then,— a glorious wonderful beautiful travel ventures to Dubai and India!!!


I have been sooo stressed out about how things are going to turn out, and our apartment (which we will be “renting” to neighbours upstairs when we’re gone= $500!!)

I’m super stoked about the slum tour with a non exploting company (they donate 80% of profit to foster education/ community center) at Dharavi in Mumbai…. and to hang out with the most awesome people on earth, to have henna on my hands and feets, to attend an indian wedding, to be immersed in crazy crowded and frantic culture! to see the beautiful temples, experience the majesty of superficial dubai, etc etc.




wowee BS Voyage, here we go again!!!



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