Day 11, 12 and 13, Fox Glacier to Haast Junction to Makarora to Wanaka

We were excited to be back in the road again after a 2 day stint in Fox Glacier. It’s a beautiful town that consisted of one small grocery store, and 3 or so restaurants. We were ready to move on.


We touched the beautiful coast again. Reunited and it felt so good. We had to say sweet goodbyes to the west coast rainforest (flanked by the southern alps and the Tasman sea, and is the rainiest place in NZ)


We had lunch of rice balls from the rice left over from the previous night, lovingly wrapped in plastic.



We stopped by a couple of lakes along the way. There were a couple of fishing boats going at it on the trouts.


The view from the knights point was gorgeous.



We scored a pretty sweet campsite at Haast, overlooking the mountains.


Day 12 was absolutely gorgeous, the landscape completely changed again with the mountains towering us from every single direction. There are more sheeps now, sheeps that are bald and freshly shaven, sheeps with fro, brown sheeps, black faced sheeps, all of them afraid of us. Nonetheless, Brady still harasses them.

There are still as many sandflies/ mosquitoes/ spider/ all sort of nasty Bugs. I have boundless insect bites, and are kept awake at night scratching myself bloody and dousing myself with anti itch cream.

This is one of the many pictures of us having our lunch and battling with sandflies, doing our dance, screaming profanities and vowing our eternal hatred of sandflies.



There were lots and lots of waterfall along the way. However, I was reluctant to stop because on this stretch, there was a very steep climb 1500′ in 5 km, averaging at 8% gradient. I don’t want to lose my flow.




Again, we scored some sweet as campsite at the quiet town of Makarora, next to the meadows surrounded by the majestic mountains at My Aspiring.




Today, day 13, we biked alongside both Lake Hawea and Lake Wanaka to reach Wanaka, a wonderful town (with Asian restaurants!! Yee!!) and a selection of more than 15 restaurants to choose from. And Internet (haven’t had any connection or cell reception since Fox Glacier!!).



Brady battling with his 4th flat ( I haven’t had any!!)


We eve on found a sweet bridge to jump from into the cool refreshing water.





Ok, must sleep now, tomorrow is a big day, climbing the crown pass (2800′) to Queenstown with a grueling 37km of uphill.

4 responses to “Day 11, 12 and 13, Fox Glacier to Haast Junction to Makarora to Wanaka

  1. What an amazing adventure you are having! The pics and stories are so much fun to follow. Maybe the bugs are eating your tires along with your skin? The beer will taste good after Crown Pass!


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