Day 7&8, hokitika to harihari to franz Josef

Day 7, we left hokitika pretty early. It’s been a struggle getting up in the morning, even after 10 hours of sleep every night, our body heavy and laden with muscle ache and our heads filled with sleep. But we have been trying really hard to leave before 10am, and we did it!! The day was an easy one, mostly flat roads and it’s the first day that I actually felt one with the bike and the load is no longer awkward. It was nice. We fell into our own rhythms and the mountains were green, fresh and beckoning. It’s funny that we have seen more cows than sheep. The cows just sort of stare at us as we ride past, while the sheep quickly run away from us, sometimes in group of 10-20 sheeps, which would make it a pretty funny view, seeing 3 bikers riding past and a horde of sheep fleeing away. We knew that it was going to rain that night, so we opted to stay a t a town not too far away because harihari has the backpackers accommodation since we did not want to tent out in the rain. We got to harihari pretty early and munched on some fried wedges.

We have been eating pretty horribly here. The cheapest options are the takeaways which usually consist of fish and chips or fried sausages or something of the sort. A normal meal at a pub would cost stud $20 for a burger, $25 for a pizza and $ 7 or so for a beer. Salad is rarely an option. My favorite is the bakery which sells pies here. The most common being the mince pie (ground beef pie) and my favorite is usually the curry pie or vegetable quiche. Throughout the day whenever we see a small grocery store (usually far in between), we always stop for a fizzy drink( bradys favorite) or ice cream.

We stopped by to try possum pie (the most common road kill here), but they had ran out of possum……


You can see the ominous cloud in this picture.





Day 8, today, we woke up early, expecting it to have rained all night, which it had not. However, as soon as we started gearing up, it began raining. So we rode in the rain for the first time in nz! About that– Nz is experiencing drought and the farmers are completely suffering due to the lack of rain. It hadn’t rain in the west coast for 7weeks, which makes it the driest its been in 40 years. All the bridges we rode past, we could see that 80% of the rivers were completely dry, leaving gravelly river bed exposed. It’s sad and I am somehow glad that it is raining, even though it makes the riding a little more complicated. I guess what it complicates more is the sleeping/ tenting/ cabin situation since if we choose to stay at backpackers accommodation, we are completely limited to bigger towns. Anyways, we got to franz Josef, 75kms away, after riding in the rain. We got here so early (130pm) that we got to take a 1.5 hr hike to franz Josef glacier. We are staying at the backpackers hostel and scored a sweet family room with our own balcony.

Putting on wet clothes are the worst.





Brady’s very content with his st Patrick’s day beer.


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