Nelson to Owens valley, 75 miles with 2700′ + elevation gain

The morning started with a visit to the bike store in Nelson. Kelley bought a new bike (aptly named the silver bullet), and I got my bike fixed for free. see the silver bullet below. The bike store arranged the transport of Kelley’s pink bike (only with 10 gears!!) back to Wellington.


We even managed to lighten our load. We sent 9lbs of stuff to Kelley’s house, hoping that we would be lighter and faster. The plastic bag contains all the stuff we were sending.


We had two huge hills to conquer today, one 1200′, and the other one at 1500′, plus a bunch of small undulating hills. Or goal was to arrive at kawatiri junction, 62 miles away. We knew we had time and started the day fairly late at noon. We arrived at Kawatiri junction, completely famished, exhausted and out of water, only to Fonda campsite with practically no running water. After10 seconds of being there, we were viciously attacked by sand flies, mosquitoes, bumble bees and every other insects on earth. We were covered. A million cuss words after and glares from other people at the campsite (who were behind bug covered vans), we decided to push on to the next town, 11 miles away. It was already 7pm, but we made it safely to the Owens river by 8pm. The guidebooks said that it will have a campground and we were hoping for less bugs, but turns out that they only have motels available and equally as many bugs here. So here we are, happily charging all of our electronics, sleeping on bed, with awesome amenities such as a microwave, water boiler, and a small fridge!!! Yee!! We even cooked dinner of lentils, quinoa, avocado, red peppers and some instant noodles.

The view was wonderful, although the first half was a little sad due to the clear cutting of beautiful green hills, turning them into eroded, brown, exposed hillsides.




3 responses to “Nelson to Owens valley, 75 miles with 2700′ + elevation gain

  1. The bugs sound like a nice greeting to your days end….so glad there was a town with a motel 10 miles down the road! How are the Brooks seats treating you? So fun to see your amazing progress!


  2. Sand fly say, “Yesss unsuspecting bicyclists!”
    Mosquito say, “Mmmm fresh blood for me!”
    Bumble bee say, “Buzzzz off bloodsuckers!”
    Every other insect on earth say, “Stop clear cutting our homes, you homicidal humans!”


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