South Island Picton to Nelson 110 km

Sylvia’s pedal broke about 32 km into the bike ride in the town of Havelock. We tried taking the bus to Nelson (where they have a bike store) however, no bus was equipped to haul our bikes.

Realizing we were not making it out of Havelock, we made our way to a local bar where we made friends with a boat mechanic who happened to have a shop at the marina. After a few stories of his travels, a rant about the Vietnam War, and a couple beers later he decided to help us out in the morning.

After a long night of kiwis attempting to eat our food, we made our way to the marina. We met Thomas at his shop where he then proceeded to remove what seemed like every nut, screw, and bolt from the bike. Sylvia and I soon realizing we may never be able to put the bike back together, starting planning the rest of our trip by foot. Somehow though, Thomas managed to fix the pedal and put the bike back together. A 40 dollar tip, another rant about Vietnam and we were back on our way.






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