Tongariro alpine crossing, Napier wine tasting, Tui beer tasting and waihine suspension bridge

We did a 12 mile, 3,500′ elevation gain hike that is voted one of the top50 day hike in the world at the Tongariro National Park. They had an eruption in November if 2012, so they closed half of the loop and we had to hike to the highest pint and back (instead of arranging a shuttle for a pint topping hike. We started at 6am (first one there! ), and we were practically the first ones to the top, which is amazing since the trail gets way crowded and hot hot hot.

We spent the night at Napier, the art deco capital of NZ(whatever that means), we got to sleep next to the ocean again, and we winetasted at Napier (amazing).

We got to Wellington and Kelley was nice enough to host us as her apartment located right gobsmack in the middle of downtown. Wellington is a wonderful city, it is very vibrant, fit, artsy (lots of wonderful street performers everywhere). Kelley finished her triathlon, we had lots of beer and great time with her friends/ flat ages here.

We are en route to picton in south island in a ferry. The cook strait crossing is very pretty and green. Already we can see the difference in climate, just like when we drove down from north to south on the north island. Kelley is joining us! I am excited to get on the bike and start pedal pedal pedaling in this beautiful country.









One response to “Tongariro alpine crossing, Napier wine tasting, Tui beer tasting and waihine suspension bridge

  1. So fun to see your travel progress. Lots of climate changes and endless beautiful scenery! Hope your bike seats are getting broken in!


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