3/5 to 3/7

We picked up our rental car on Tuesday morning. Driving on the left side of the street was nerve wrecking at first but we became pro after a couple of hours and a couple times of confusing the blinker with winds wiper, frantically trying to turn while the window wipers were going bananas. Out destination was the north. We were a little over zealous and had planned on driving to the 90mile beach which is north north of the north island and is 6 hour drive from Auckland. So we ended up going on impromptu visit to the waipu cave, the biggest uncommercialized glow worm cave in NZ. Waipu cave was absolutely gorgeous, it was dark dark when We first entered, I couldnt even see my hands in front of my face, but 8 minutes later, the enzymes in the cones of my eyes were adjusting to the complete darkness and we could somehow navigate inside the cave. We saw galaxies of glow worm, some of them were mere 2 feet on top of our heads. We were the only ones inside the cave. Much better than the touristy waitomo cave. We slept by the beach.


On Wednesday, we went to huka falls, lake taupo, and crater of the moon, en route to the tongariro national park.





Gah, battery is running out, will update on 3/7 tomorrow. We went to tongariro alpine crossing and we are currently in Napier, camping by the beach, life is good.

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