Packing is really difficult. I realized that we have so much stuff to bring. We both filled our bike boxes to the brim and to the weight limitation (50 lbs per person) plus two very large and very heavy panniers that we can’t close and have to take with us inflight.

Last touring (Oregon, may 2012), we both went super light, nice and light racing carbon bikes and only two back panniers for me that were only 60% full. We probably had 18lbs or so each person. This trip, we have upped the ante. iPad, camera, solar charger with heavy battery, 3 people tent, stove, pot AND skillet. We have also decided to put both front and back rack for the panniers.

Our bikes, the surly long haul truckers are like couches. They are very strong, solid and bulky. I think mine weighs 20+lbs plus 10lbs of racks and the beautiful brooks flyer saddles (love!). I am excited to be riding my new gorgeous bike, Sage. I will be posting pictures shortly as soon as Sage makes it safely to the kiwi land.

So I think I will be carrying 65lbs worth of bike weight& other weight! Downhills are going to be exhilarating!

2 more days and packing is almost done. I am soooo giddy! Planning is only about 40% done and I feel a little weird about that, but it’s kinda exciting.

Our surlies in the bike box



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